January 22, 2013

New Addition to the DEST Blog

There is a new addition to our Delaware Etsy Street Team blog.
Screen shot of the start of the Delaware Etsy Street Team Member Shop Page!

It is a page of our D.E.S.T member shops through Etsy Minis!
As captain of the team and blog contributor, I'm smacking my forehead about not figuring out to do this earlier (I also did not understand the potential of html and blogging - I'm just touching on that!)

An Etsy mini is a tool that Etsy.com has for every one of their shops (for sellers or buyers).
It is a little gadget that stays up to date as your update your shop items.
Super neat tool and great for those looking visually for something quick!

This page will be a work in progress for a little bit as our members upload their html code in a private team discussion thread on our Delaware Etsy Street Team page (if you are a D.E.S.T. member, make sure to add yours by following the formatting directions - it is very easy to figure out - try it!).

Although I'm not quite sure how to arrange it.
Probably themes or craft topic or media would be best once we start to get all the members adding items...

A work in progress for sure!

January 3, 2013

Check out Mid-Atlantic Craft Events Website

Do you LOVE arts and crafts?
Like to see them live and in person to pick our that special piece that speaks to you?
Want to have one place to go to to see what is coming up and in your area?
Then Check Out: Mid-Atlantic Craft Events!
If you make and want to sell your arts and crafts there are links to show websites (or you can google info that you find there to get to the promoters info).
It is always a good idea to get some info about the show before you apply to be a vendor to see if your work will be in front of the right audience for you.

If you love to buy arts and crafts - their website is for you too!
Just click on the location you are looking for (state) and then search by date.
There is bound to be a full range of small crafty high school and fire house shows to larger juried art shows being added to the website schedule.

If you are on FaceBook and like to interact through FB, then click on their page and "Like" them.
You can also send Patricia any info you have on shows that you are doing that are in the region.

Thanks to our Delaware Etsy Street Team member Lisa Haley
Lisa's Etsy Shop
 from TheGoodOleDays for sharing this information on our team page!