November 30, 2013

Shop Small Shop Local Small Business Saturday

You've been hearing about Small Business Saturday for a few years now.
Totally a marketing ploy to get you to help support your local communities and small businesses by keeping your hard earned money going round in places you live...
It's a very good idea to try to market for our communities!
With our Delaware Etsy Team being based on local artists and sellers in the area that have Etsy shops, we are very pleased to announce that has expanded an option to all of us to show off where you can find our work in person - it's called ETSY LOCAL.

This is the kind of positive movement we love to see come out of the Etsy community.
So get out to wherever you are locally and help support your local small businesses!

Bellefonte, DE Shop Small - Skip the Mall 11/30/13 Town Event!

Bellefonte Arts: Shop Small - Skip the Mall!

November 29, 2013

Black Friday Delaware Etsy Shop Small

Delaware is such a great place to go shopping as those with addresses within our state lines are home of "Tax Free Shopping".

Delaware Etsy Black Friday Treasury Collection
And shopping is what a lot of people do on Black Friday - although you will find a good portion of people avoiding the crazy hype and staying home to spend time with family and friends, decorating for the upcoming holiday season (or whatever it is you plan on doing over the long weekend if you don't have to work).

Many of our Delaware Etsy Team members are helping to promote their work and some are even offering up specials this weekend to help get in on the holiday shopping season:
This weekend kicks off with Black Friday (11/29) to Small Business Saturday (11/30) to Cyber Monday (12/2).

With these three days of marketing ahead of us, and some local craft shows popping up this weekend - check back with us every day to see what is going on!

We have two places where you can find our team shops promoting items they are selling:
1. Our Etsy Discussion Thread.
2. This Inlinkz Gadget below:

And please remember to get out a bit and shop small and local on Small Business Saturday!
Take a break, get a bite to eat at your local restaurant or cafe, and spend some time out and about.

November 28, 2013

Happy Holidays!

May your Thanksgiving Day be spent in ways that you most enjoy!
May your health be grand, your feet be warm, your belly be full, and there be plenty of people around to celebrate and Give Thanks with.
Patriot Moon Flag by EricZippeImagemaker

Thank you to all of our Delaware Etsy Team members for signing on to be part of this team and by contributing your time and energy into helping promote work by fellow artisans in and around The First State.

November 18, 2013

Christmas Shopping DE style

What's better than shopping handmade?  How about shopping in tax-free Delaware?  Check out some great gift ideas from members of the Delaware Etsy Street Team.

November 13, 2013

Delaware Etsy Shop Sign up for Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales

This post is for members of our Delaware Etsy Street Team who plan on running a promotion or sale for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and or Cyber Monday in their Etsy shops (November 29 to December 2, 2013).

Please use this image to help promote our team and this shopping event!
Each shop is asked to link up to their Etsy shop main page in the Inlinkz gadget below (use your Etsy shop name as the "name" in the fields you fill in).

Then over the weekend of 11/29/13 to 12/2/13 individual shops will have their "Info and Appearance" section updated with:
1. Date of sale or promotion (one day, all weekend, etc)
2. Promotion or sale information. Are your items already on sale? Is there a checkout coupon code to use? Are you having a giveaway drawing for people shopping your sale? Whatever you want to promote.

This Inlinkz gadget will close on the evening of 11/28/13 at 11:55pm EST.
At 12:01 AM EST ON 11/29/13 there will be a Black Friday Blog post here that features thumbnails from shops as they have added them.

Customers looking to shop local through our team shops will be able to click on your link, read your shop announcement where your sale details are, and proceed to shop.

Please plan on helping to promote this event through using these key tags:
*Make sure to add # in front of them through social media.

Helpful links: (to edit your shop listings by section - title, price, etc) (to edit photos and create collages).

Your Etsy shop banner is 760 pixels by 100 pixels.
You may want to create a special one to use for this huge shopping weekend!

If you are handy with HTML code and would like to add this button to your blog or blog post, please copy and paste the HTML code in the box below this image, and the photo will automatically link back here to our team blog.
Delaware Etsy Street Team

Delaware Etsy Street Team Members participating in a sale over Black Friday to Cyber Monday:
Please add a link to your Etsy shop in this gadget below.

November 1, 2013

November 2013 First Friday Art Walk Weekend

Welcome to the November First Friday Art Walk Weekend!
Fall Gateway Photo by ArtPeaceCreation on
Members of the Delaware Etsy Street Team are showing off some work from their shops through our First Friday Art Walk Weekend "Event Thread" over on our Etsy Team page.

We are participating in this monthly event hosted by the Art Walk Etsy Team as a way to help promote members of our Delaware Team on a regular basis.

Here are some items that may interest you in this upcoming season:
Oven Mitt by TheGoodOleDays
Chandelier Earrings by arexrodecreations
Quilled Paper Holiday Ornament by ThePaperCraftery
Felt Turkey Hair Clip by ACrystalGarden
Ceramic bowl by RisingStarPottery1
If you want to get out and see some art live and in person, check out your local town for galleries and shops holding "First Friday" or "Art Loop" type events.

Here are some events local to the Delaware area:

And you can always find work from many of our Delaware Etsy Street Team at Bellefonte Arts Gallery in North Wilmington (they are also on the November 2013 Wilmington Art Loop).

Happy First Friday!
We hope you get out and see some art and enjoy Autumn!

And check out our Delaware Etsy Street Team Artist: