Etsy Shop Enhancement

We all want our Etsy shop to look beautiful, pulled together, and have lots of sales with very happy customers that keep coming back for more of your Handmade Artwork because they love it so much…

It can be overwhelming to pull it all together. As a Team we can help each other out…
So if you have something to add to this, please send me (the captain) info to add to this page.

New Member To Do Immediately:

  1. Send the captain direct url links to your Etsy shop and Blog (copy and paste the information in the address bar when you are on the correct main page for your shop and blog).
  2. Tag your best item(s) with "DelawareTeam" or "DETeam". Capitalization does not matter, spacing does.
  3. Look below for more information to send you in the right direction to find some answers. Ask questions if you need help. Do not fear negative, hurtful answers. Members are asked to treat everyone equally. Uncooperative, negative members will be released from this team. We are about building up a supportive Artist Community here in Delaware and close by areas (or where ever we reach out to).
If you are a Delaware Etsy Team Member and provide these services, send me a link to your Etsy Shop and I will add it below a category or create a new one, so other members can find you.

Avatars, Banners, etc:
Etsy Banner Generator (Free by Etsy)
Etsy Free Banners (for sales, vacation, etc)
Custom Avatar Search on Etsy
Custom Etsy Banner Sets on Etsy
Searching all items will bring you lots of results.

Katy Rose Photography We will be working with Katy to organize a photo shoot with her in the Spring on a weekend. Visit the FB page for more details and information.

Small Tips on Tagging for Bigger Search Results:
*Capitalization does not matter in tagging, but spacing does. Make sure your tags are correct*

  1. Use all of the pulldown pre-worded menu categories that Etsy has for you. This will increase your items showing up in searches.
  2. Use "DelawareTeam" or "DETeam"(no spacing) as one of your tags in order for Treasury makers, customers, our promotional search efforts in order to find your items.
  3. Use your profile to your advantage, without feeling insecure about giving out too much information. DE Etsy Street Team members should have at least: Delaware, US as their location. Use of city name, actual or close by (such as: Wilmington, New Castle, Dover, Lewis, Rehoboth, Mitlon, Middletown, etc) will bring your shop up in even more searches.
  4. Use your Profile Page "Activity Modules" to your advantage too. Consider at least having the "Shop", "Treasury Lists", and "Teams" boxes selected. If you really want to be connected, have all the boxes checked…
  5. Want to participate in a First Friday Event? Here is your chance on Etsy… Use Tag "FirstFridayArtwalk" (no spacing). We can do some Etsy Mini's if enough DE Etsy Team Members use both tags on the same item. This works out great with our monthly "DE Etsy Street Team Blog Open Studio Event" we will be hosting.

Here are some non Delaware Etsy shops that I have come across that may give you good direction:
Snazzie Business
This one will give you great direction:
Etsy Success Symposium Feb. 8, 2011.

My thoughts about our Team, this Blog, our Etsy Community: they are like a garden. They will grow immensely if tended and nurtured. Any weeds and invasive efforts will be pulled so the general good can grow. Left alone it will eventually deteriorate… So let's all keep things positive, light hearted and help each other out.

If you are overwhelmed, take some time off. You can still keep your items listed with the team tags.
If you are lost, reach out (reach in the right direction - discussions on the group page, our group FB page, the captain or other members…).