March 4, 2016

March 2016 Team Update

It has been a while since our DE Team has been buzzing with activity (like - a long time!)

So we have some team members that are going to be helping keep things updated and hopefully some new ideas for blog posts to keep the general public updated on things that are going on in and around Delaware and the local art scene.

First on our list was a quick update of our Shop Local page here on our blog.

So far we have confirmed the 2016 dates of some Arts and Craft Festivals (we are not into direct marketing shows - but more into artists that make their own work and are selling it).

If you have any Art and Craft shows local (they can be just outside of DE in MD, NJ, PA - anyplace you could get to for a day trip) or are a DE Etsy team member showing outside our region, please put a link to the show in the comments to this blog post so we can add it to our page.

And if you are a buyer that loves to go to local shops for artwork, antiques, or supplies - please add links to those treasured locations in order to help support those shops!

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