November 20, 2015

Weekend Happenings

There is so very much to post about, and I want this to be short and quick so that you can find out some cool things going on this weekend (places to see art, buy art, get your art inspiration on - whatever makes you happy).

Since this team is based on local artists having an Etsy shop in which they sell their goods, it is easy to point you to ETSY LOCAL where you can put in your zip code and see events happening in your area!

Anyone with an Etsy shop can create or join an event on that page, and then it automatically shows up on your shop page as an Upcoming Market.

I google searched "Delaware Happenings" since I see that term often used through social media, and the best bet for finding current events is Northern Delaware Happenings Magazine.

Sometimes there are smaller things happening like home shows and craft shows.
A group of local DE artists (some on Etsy, some wanting to get their shops up) are having a home show this weekend in Newark. See The Sterling Tortoise Facebook page for details.

Leslie Tucker is selling her handmade goods at the Christmas Shoppe to Defeat ALS event on 11/21/15.

And if you are interested in signing up and supporting Delaware Fun A Day and local artists you can stop by the Oddity Bar in Wilmington tonight!
They have a monthly Oddball Art Hall event every third Friday of the month!
Check out Nov. 20, 2015 HERE.

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