Etsy & Blog How To

Steps to running a successful business on Etsy usually means you are involved. This page is dedicated to figuring out how to get involved - for everyone!

*These instructions are geared to making a Treasury for the members of the Delaware Etsy Street Team and was copied from a blog post we did in February 2011. You of course can pick your own theme. But we do like us a good DE themed treasury and will give you a weekly "Delaware item included" Tuesday posting to link it up to here on this blog for your treasury as long as it contains 1 item featured by a Delaware Artist or is a Treasury created by a DEST member.

Step 1: Create A New Treasury 
Click HERE to start your new treasury page.

Step 2:Making working more simple:
I found it easiest to have multiple tabs open for:
  1. For Treasury Page
  2. For DEST Etsy Shop: specifically the Favorites Page
Step 3: Name, Describe and Tag:

  1. After finding photos of pieces I really liked and though went well together (knowing they would all be DEST member items made it easier to narrow down. You can pick a color, season, feeling, theme, etc.), I looked at my collection and though about what the items meant to me - what they might mean to someone looking at the overall treasury. The title is what I thought their story should be called. 
  2. The description - short like a little love poem. Written with the intention to capture the viewer with what inspired you about this collection and why you made it.
  3. The tags should be simple words that describe the treasury in ways that people could find it. Using team tags such as "delawareteam", "deteam", "etsyteams" can help broaden the audience as well.
Step 4: How to get it out there:
  1. Use the social media gadgets on the finished Treasury Page (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  2. Add your treasury to our weekly Delaware Treasury Tuesday Blog post (see "Step 5"below for instructions on using the Inlinkz).
  3. If you want to create a pic of your treasury for your blog, etc: click HERE.
    1. The Widget Settings on the original blog post: Large, Snapshot.
  4. We have a thread on the Team Discussion page where you can post a link to your treasuries.
  5. In addition to our Delaware Treasury Tuesday blog post link up, Click on over to fellow DEST member: Aquariann's Art & Tree Chatter Blogand list your treasury up on her Treasury Tuesday Post.
Step 5: Adding your Treasury to the Inlinkz on the DelawareEtsy Blog:
  1. Copy and paste the treasury URL (the web address) into the Inlinkz form. Add the treasury name or your name. Select your thumbnail.
  2. If you want your thumbnail to be an image of your treasury, you will go to the actual treasury page and take a selective screen shot of your treasury including the title. Save it as a jpeg file to your computer. Then when Inlinkz asks you to select a thumbnail you can select the tab for "upload from your computer". Select the jpeg image of your treasury, upload and you're done.
Getting A Photo For Your Blog (Blogger):
It is important to use photographs on your blog or website with active links to a specific pages in order to be part of a community and build relationships.

First and foremost, please respect copyrights of all materials and photographs (just to touch on the surface of the copyright topic). Please make sure you have the right to use any information out there and give source credit where it is due.
These instructions are geared towards photos and buttons here on the Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog. Within copyright limits of the actual photo, use these directions to add any photo to your blogger blog sidebar.
  1. Click on the image so it appears alone in the window.
  2. Copy the web address for the direct photo URL.
  3. Go To your blog and add a photo gadget.
  4. Click the box to "get your photo from the URL" and paste that address you had copied in there.
  5. The photo gadget allows you to put a title description and link.
  6. Take a look at your added photo through the blog preview, then go back and make any necessary adjustments for better spacing or readability.
*If anyone has directions on how to add "buttons" or "photos" for other blogs in this manner (wordpress,, etc). Please let the captain know.

Here are some Photos (more to come) for  the Delaware Etsy Street Team: