January 31, 2009

DelEtsy Craft Shows

Hi Team!

I've been thinking of a way for the Delaware Street Team to be active in the community and came up with the following idea.

There is various craft shows occurring year round in Delaware, we could make teams of perhaps 2 - 3 people per opportunity and purchase a booth space together to display and sell our creations. Or perhaps if the team is larger to get two adjacent spaces/booths and make a collective display. Each person would have to code their items so we know what money goes to who and be very organized with the inventory.

Other opportunities to display your work are through Trunk Shows, Networking Sites (Plumdrop.com, Facebook), creating a blog!

It's an idea! An if you are friends with another DelEtsy member, why not working together. A shared booth would cut expenses for both. In addition, participating in shows gives you the opportunity to network with others and promoting your business in the community. Make sure to create cards and flyers!

If you know of upcoming shows and contact names to sign up, feel free to post them in the comments that would be a start!

I know this Spring the Hodgson Vo Tech School, you can find out more information at www.eventlister.com


  1. If anyone is interested, I have received an e-mail about a craft show at the Brandywine Hundred Fire Co./Lady's auxillary on April 4th from 9-3. I would be glad to send an attachment if you e-mail me-
    of annespalette

  2. Woops- forgot my e-mail address: