February 13, 2010


Hi group! I am looking for members who are willing to blog here on the DE Etsy Street Team Blog.

I just need help keeping up communication with you guys, sharing local craft show info, etc. I've asked a few times but please help! :)


  1. I'd like to help out... my email is Marsha @ MarshaNealStudio.com

  2. Hi! email me gina at hiyaluv dot com as I may be able to help. I would love to chat about your thoughts and vision for the blog and what types of posts you are thinking about. Perhaps we could even ask for "guest" bloggers from our street team? We could do shop do a shop showcase series or something like that? Or to get to know one another highlight a specific seller?

    I really want to know when there is a craft show coming up and perhaps somebody could write a post on how to prepare for a craft show? I have never done one and don't know where to begin.
    just a thought... :)gina

  3. Fantastic Gina!
    Things are changing since this post was announced back in 2010. Have you looked at the Discussions on the Delaware Etsy Member Page? I think you have commented there… I think we are going to have a Meet-up sometime later this month into early March here around Wilmington. I'll be in touch soon. Get your ideas brewing and we can all brainstorm together and get things rolling for this team.