March 18, 2011

{Shop Feature Friday!} Green Ribbon Gems

Hello! My name is Gina and I blog over at Hiya Luv! 
I also have an Etsy shop called Hiya Luv Handmade.
I am really excited to be a new contributing writer on the Del Etsy Blog! 
I will be featuring fresh, fun, eclectic handmade etsy shops from around Delaware on Friday's and am really thrilled to get started this week!

Shop Owner Genevieve has an amazing shop filled with brilliant gems for all occasions! Here are some of her current favorites!

During Bridal Season Green Ribbon Gems offers a 10% discount for brides who order 4 or more pieces of jewelry! Wouldn't these makes great gifts for bridesmaids?  

To learn more about Genevieve and Green Ribbon Gems, I asked her a few questions about her inspiration, shop, and products.  

1. When did you open up your shop and how did you decide what you were going to sell?

I opened up my Etsy shop in April of 2010. I have actually been selling jewelry on my own website at for a couple of years, and have been doing jewelry and craft shows for about 3 years now. I'm not sure exactly what made me decide to sell jewelry. I think I've always enjoyed wearing it and thought it would be a lot of fun to make!

2. Your items are so appealing to the eye and gorgeous! They are like pieces of art! 

Where do you find inspiration to create your products?

My inspiration usually comes from colors in nature like fall leaves, the ocean, bright citrus fruits, vibrant flowers, etc. I like to try to capture these gorgeous colors in my jewelry. I also like simple, classic, clean lines so I tend to do a lot of wire-wrapped pendants and earrings with just a single gemstone or crystal. 

3. Do you release new products and discontinue others on a regular basis? If so, how often? We don't want to miss out! :)

I have all kinds of new products that I try to add whenever I can! As far as timing for when I add new products, it's mostly a matter of finding time to photograph everything I've made. My 2 year old keeps me pretty busy most of the time! :) 

I sometimes discontinue products, but not very often.

4. What is your best seller right now?

I sell a lot of the flat briolette pear shaped Swarovski crystal wire-wrapped earrings in a variety of colors. I think the simplicity of the design and the classic shape is appealing to a lot of people. I made an olive pair for myself, and wear them all the time! Here's a link to the olive earrings:

5. Today you...

Danced with my daughter, made gingersnaps with my daughter and her friend, made 4 bracelets for my neighbor, watched The Office with my husband, and finished off the evening with some chocolate chip mint ice cream!

6. Tomorrow you hope to...

Photograph some new jewelry, get all my current orders shipped, convince my daughter that vegetables are edible, have some quality snuggle time with my husband, and eat some chocolate chip mint ice cream. 

7. Yesterday you...

We built quite a few block towers, did puzzles, played on the playground, read stories, photographed some earrings, and of course I ate some chocolate chip mint ice cream. You need the extra calories when you're 6 months pregnant. :)

Do you have a favorite from her shop? 
Isn't Genevieve divine? Her shop is just as lovely! Be sure to stop by Green Ribbon Gems and say hello!

If you would like to be featured or know somebody in Delaware with an etsy shop who would, please email send me an email: gina {at} hiyaluv {dot} com

Happy Etsying!


  1. Beautiful work and a great interview! Can't wait to check out her shop...

  2. Such talent in our small little state!