June 17, 2011

Mini Photo Shoot In North Wilmington

Written By Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio

On Saturday, June 4th 2011 Katy Timney of Katy Rose Photography (one of our DEST members) offered the team an opportunity for a "Mini Photo Shoot".

For those of us that were able to make it - it was a lot of fun!
AnticaTreasures Photo Taken By KatyRosePhotography

If you visit Claudia Twardus (AnticaTreasures) website, you can see how she has updated the photo above to fit the whimsical playful feel of her website.

And soon you will see items from that June photo shoot making an appearance in her beautiful and romantic Etsy shop:

From my point of view (I had never had anything photographed professionally before) it was an exciting experience. Very eye opening to see your work on a model - Wow!
I picked out a few pieces of jewelry for the ladies to wear, then stood back…
It really was amazing to watch Katy, Becky and Claudia work together.
You can tell they have done this before.

For my items in my MarshaNealStudio Etsy shop that my photography skills (I cringe at the thought of dealing with lighting, backgrounds, cropping, etc) have produced various levels of not so great images:

Improper lighting and quite frankly - boring:
MarshaNealStudio Photograph.
Trying to establish scale:
MarshaNealStudio Photograph
And when I actually made up a pair of earrings from some of these pieces, and had Katy take professional photographs at the mini photo session, this is what it looks like:
Becky wearing MarshaNealStudio Earrings, Photographed by Katy Timney.
Amazing!!! I think this gives the viewer a much clearer idea about what they are buying.

And as far as my listing goes, here is the updated background with examples of the three different designs that these earrings can be made from. Please ignore that the hole positions are different. That little thing will be updated once I find time to get into the studio to make a few more of these.

And overall, my shop has been updated with a few of the photographs, and there will be many more to come.

It is amazing how good photographs can help your shop look more professional.

And with each cycle of product making, photography, editing & listing, and feedback there will be room for growth and changes until you find what makes your shop exactly the way you want it.

By then, you'll probably be ready for a change, so it will be time to start over again fresh…

With that in mind - make sure to try new things - meet up with fellow artists - get feedback and think about it from that person's point of view (are they your ideal customer?).

Notice what you are attracted to and inspired by and take little steps to achieve your overall goals.

Katy has other dates for "Mini Photo Shoots" scheduled up on her FaceBook page for those of you that are considering doing something like this. Make sure to contact her first.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Katie did a wonderful job on these new photos! The photos are so key to a good shop!