November 16, 2012

Holiday Shopping Through Delaware Etsy

It's hard to believe that soon another year will come to an end.
Good thing we have the Holiday season to celebrate with!
Chocolate Chip Cookies by lesdenae
If you are looking into buying local and supporting small businesses (which includes our Delaware Etsy Street Team Artists, Suppliers, and Vintage Sellers) you are at the right place to start your search!

Basically, there are a so many shops on that are located all over the world.

If a shop is located in Delaware, sells items here at a local gallery or as a vendor at a local trade show or is just close by in one of the surrounding states such as PA, MD, NJ, 
they can join our Delaware Etsy Team.

This gathering of local shops through this team allows us to help promote each other's work and to come together to market our work to customers that are looking to buying local and supporting small local business owners (Artists, Suppliers, Vintage Sellers).

Click here to see some of the recent items our team members have shared as new listings.

Some of our Delaware Etsy Team Members sell just through

Others are out there selling their work through local craft shows at different times of the year.

And there are handfuls of local galleries that carry D.E.S.T members work, such as Bellefonte Arts
(located in Wilmington, DE).

This Delaware Etsy Blog is our way of showing off our members work, special sales and promotions going on, feature our artists that have gallery openings during First Friday Art Loop events, and so much more. 
It is our way to reach the general public and let you know what is going on with Delaware Etsy Shops

If you want to search Etsy for some of our Delaware Etsy Street Team Member items,
You can find them by searching for "tags" that our members use to show they are a part of our team:

And if you are looking for some Black Friday through Cyber Monday specials from our D.E.S.T member shops:
2. Search by key words:

Check back as the week progresses and we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday where we can show off some of our D.E.S.T. Member items here on this blog!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and shop local!

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