June 10, 2013

In The Spotlight...Across Leather

Across Leather is a shop drool-worthy for any dad, for sure. Lawrence E.Carter, Jr. is the creative force behind this Etsy shop, featuring hand-tooled leather pieces. Here you'll find wallets, belts, dog collars, coasters, key fobs, and custom pieces, just like the one below.

Tooled Leather Harley Tank Panel
How did you get into leather work?
"Leatherworking" for me started in the very early nineties. A hobby it was as compared to the welding career starting after high school and trade school "Wilmington Skill Center" 1980. Health problems forced me out of what I thought was going to be my lifelong career.

Tell us a little about your Etsy shop.
Fast forward to my actual selling on Etsy began in Apr of 2012, and a month later I decided I was converting my back porch into my new studio. Construction was done(95%) Nov. 2012 that's when I say I put it in high gear. At least the last 10 yrs I've wanted to open a shop. Fear of the unknown in a nutshell. (Isn't that the case with so many of us?)

However I know no failure and when I start something I go full in. Today, I live and breathe leatherwork. I cannot wait to start everyday and without a second thought I go directly to it. Leatherworking has so many facets, capabilities and one can get lost in the world of creativity.

Hand tooled leather keychain

How many Etsy shops do you have?
I only have the one shop here on etsy. That's one fear I possess is there isn't gonna be enough of me to get the work done. But it's not work. It only becomes work when you rush or feel hurried. The Zen of Leatherwork is that nothing can be rushed and there's one thing that will happen. It will be ruined. Leatherwork, airbrushing, stitching and as of recent running a sewing machine has all been self taught and a rocky road it was. In my life there was no one to ask about anything. I guess everyone's an easy teach when they're interested in some subject.

Do you do any craft shows?
Craft shows.., no I never have but would like to. I've had my eye set on Brandywine Arts Festival for the last 10 years solid. 

Hand tooled leather belt
If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
If I could relive my 1st months here I would have started my Wordpress.com blog first. Then my Google+ local business page which can be verified with your Wordpress blog. WP charges nothing and hosts you for free. Then all other social marketing can be added to your WP blog and do one post which will go everywhere you like it to. 

Where else can we find you?

Tooled leather dog collar
Any final words for Etsians?
I'm very appreciative there is an etsy. It has been my family and many a folk help brighten my day here... (The team leaders) put a ton of effort into organizing our teams and think there should be way more participation from us. They do this to help everybody get more views. So don't expect miracles when you're riding the bench. Get up make treasuries, use the color scheme, the aweteam tag. It makes it soooo much easier omg! Marsha ;)

When looking for a hand-crafted, gets-better-with-age, OOAK gift, look no further than Across Leather!


  1. I can only try to thank you as much as one can. It's a far cry from how you made me feel. A Artist not a welder, proud, inspired and from depths within grateful.
    Without further adieu, THANK YOU!

    1. Congratulations Lawrence! You deserve it! You do such great work.
      "All That Jazz Creations"

  2. Your work is just SO amazing Larry! And all the efforts you put forth as a team member - not just for yourself, but for the promotion of the team is very much appreciated! Having someone like you on board allows our "team leadership crazy ideas" take form when you participate.

    I will always have a fondness for hand carved and stamped leather as my grandfather had a small shop (a room in his Tennessee house) where he would make all kinds of items. I still have my "Marsha" belt and a few from other family members.

    I think you could totally pull off a booth at Brandywine Arts Festival (you should apply to Arden as well). And maybe even shoot for some higher end shows or gallery representation. Although that may push your business into the "work" zone, and it seems like your work is the kind where taking your time and making things that come from inside is what makes them extra special!

    Sorry to also hear of illness not allowing you to continue as a pipefitter. Although on a side note, growing up in New Castle, down the road from the DE city refinery - it's probably a good thing - health wise - to get out of that place. I grew up in a union pipefitter family (they all built houses together, so it was like a small community).

    Keep on making your awesome work and participating in teams! Glad to see your work featured and to have you on board!