December 5, 2013

Delaware Etsy on Instagram

With the use of social media, it is easy for us to see about various topics by typing in a keyword or series of words starting with a hashtag. Such as #DelawareEtsy through Instagram.

We can see (in theory) what our Etsy team members are up to creating work in their studios, at shows, new work in their etsy shops, and more on their creative process. That is if they remember to use #DelawareEtsy when they are sharing an image.

Here is what a screen shot of the feed looks like:
#DelawareEtsy on Instagram (viewed via Statigram for website sharing)
And they have a cool gadget where we can promote the current feed (like what you see on the side bar) that you can put into any size, and you just copy and past the html code into your post.

Hopefully as more of our Delaware Etsy Street Team use Instagram and use the #DelawareEtsy tag, you will see this feed change.

And you can also see our team related posts by checking out #DelawareEtsy on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

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