February 9, 2011

Delaware Team Members in Treasuries

Posted by Marsha Neal Studio

Here are some Etsy Treasuries are created by Individual DEST members, including myself.
My Treasury features work from members of our Delaware Etsy Street Team…

Created by Marsha Neal Studio
Crusty Porcelain Rusted Iron Finger Bowl by Marsha Neal Studio
And Jenni's Treasury featuring work from the DEST and "Delaware"

Created by: Lofi Photography
iPhone Hipstamatic Rusty Run Away 8x8 photo by Lofi Photography

So what do you think so far?

Do you want to create a treasury featuring DEST members?
Are you unsure how to do it? I was. But then I just tried it…

I think I may be addicted to creating Treasuries it if time allows:
Step 1: Click HERE to start your new treasury page.
Step 2: I found it easiest to have multiple tabs open for:
  1. For Treasury Page
  2. For DEST Etsy Shop: specifically the Favorites Page
Step 3: After finding photos of pieces I really liked and though went well together (knowing they would all be DEST member items made it easier to narrow down), I looked at my collection and though about what the items meant to me - what they might mean to someone looking at the overall treasury. The title is what I thought their story should be called. The description - short like a little love poem.
Step 4: How to get it out there:
  1. Use the social media gadgets on the finished Treasury Page (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  2. Blog about it, create a link to it (post it on the DEST Etsy Page discussions so I can post it up here). I may eventually create an inlinkz gadget for you to use on a DEST blog post that can occur at scheduled times.
  3. If you want to create a pic of your treasury for your blog, etc: click HERE.
    1. My Widget Settings Above: Large, Snapshot.
  4. Then click on over to fellow DEST member: Aquariann's Art & Tree Chatter Blog and list your treasury up on her Treasury Tuesday Post.
Leave Feedback Please!
I would love to know what you think about this all so far…
Input is key to helping this team thrive (also - click on the treasuries and share, share, share the links to them!)

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  1. Awesome team treasuries! Great instructions on how to create one, too. And thank you so much for recommending my Treasury Linky. *sparkle*