February 12, 2011

Ideas for DEST Graphics for Team Use

One goal I would like to achieve here very shortly is updated images for team use.
Actually it would be nice to have a few images that we can add as photos to our blogs with active links:

1. Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog

2. Delaware Etsy Street Team Member Page

3. Delaware Etsy Street Team Shop Avatar & Banner

4. New Header for Blog (I like the current one, but we will need consistency with an update).

I took the above image over to picnik.com and added this frame to it…

With just a few clicks I came up with this…

It needs work…
My brain automatically translates this image into a cross-stitched image (thanks mom!)
And I do not consider myself a graphic designer by any means...
So, if we have a team member that is good with graphics (either on the computer, painting, drawing, etc). Would you be interested in helping out?
We could put the entries together for a team vote…

You can use that black and white image at the top or this Black and White State of DE Profile Outline.
If you can come up with something different that translates the goal - go for it!

I would ask that we have the following "goal" parameters:
  1. Easy to Read Font. Some square images will be reduced in size for actual use, so larger and clean are key.
  2. Categories:
    1. Blog square photo 300x300, Blog rectangle header 150 high x700 long (current is 150 high x 711 long to be exact). Although I really like the current blog header...
    2. SquareTeam Avatar for Etsy Members Page 200 x 200 & Banner 100 high x 760 long.
Would love some feedback, suggestions, cool websites that we can use (like picnik) for free, etc.

For now, if you want to use this image for your blog, here it is smaller:

200 x 200:

150 x 150:
*If you blog with blogger, here is how you use this image:

  1. Click on the above image in the size you want it.
  2. Copy the web address for the direct photo URL.
  3. Go To your blog and add a photo gadget.
  4. Click to get your photo from the URL and paste that address you had copied in there.
  5. The photo gadget allows you to put a title description and link. Our suggestions:
    1. Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog
    2. A place to keep up with the community of Delaware Etsy Artists
    3. http://destreet.blogspot.com/

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