July 25, 2011

Delaware Treasury Tuesday

Welcome to our Delaware Etsy Street Team weekly blog post where you help promote your Treasury and build up our team and local art community.
This week I have been on a bit of a roll with some of my other teams and have created a few treasuries in the last two days and wanted to share them here to hope the shops with items featured get a bit more traffic.

First is the Delaware Etsy Street Team, Team Treasury:

Second a treasury created for the Etsy Mud Team:
Objects That Delight Me

Third is a treasury created for the Original Saturday Night Specials Team:
SNS Saturday Night Specials Gathering

And lastly, some of my favorite items…
These treasuries seem to be the fastest to make since I seem to "heart" a lot of similar items depending on my mood and they just seem to come together easily.

With this heat wave we're in right now…
Bring on the Fall

Thank you for stopping by.

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