July 9, 2011

Nicole Kristiana and re:Fresh Party at World Cafe Live at the Queen

Last night was the July Wilmington, DE First Friday Art Loop.
And one of our Delaware Etsy Street Team members
Nicole Kristiana had an opening at The Grand.
Nicole Kristiana (photo by Patricia Whitman)
Nicole's work is amazing.
Her personality shows through her art work.
With all the colors, designs and textures, and the quality of her pieces,
Just from seeing them on her blog and Etsy shop,
Then in person,
You just get this feeling that this person has got to be delightful.
And you know what - she is!
She greets you with a beaming smile, is fun & upbeat, and very easy to talk to.
Nicole Kristiana (photo by Patricia Whitman)
My photos do not do justice to the huge gallery space and the wonderful layout of Nicole's work in the gallery space at The Grand.
Quick photo of one of the gallery walls.
If you get a chance, you should stop by this month to see the exhibit.
Main Wall - Left three of seven paintings.
What I am calling the main wall had seven of her pieces hung and my camera could not get the entire wall. There was great symmetry to how the pieces were hung, that gives the room a great flow.
Patricia and Rebecca in front of the center painting on the main wall.
The right three paintings on the main wall.
After the art loop ended, my friend Patricia and I headed to the after party:
World Cafe Live at the Queen.
I personally love the idea of the re:Fresh after party where you get to experience the sounds of different music and socialize with Artists from the Art Loop among a lot of other people that are out enjoying the evening of art and music.
From the Wilmington Art Loop page, there is some info at the bottom of the page that says this is a monthly after party - so make sure to come out on August 5th for the next loop and after party!
Looking south down Market Street from The Queen.
These are some photos that I took with my iPhone Hipsatmatic app of the view from the Queen's 4th Floor private party room. It was a bit of a rainy night, but luckily we were able to get out and about in between the showers...
This film projector was one of the amazing original artifacts they have around The Queen.

The whole experience of getting out for a few hours last night just makes one feel so much in love with Art, with socializing with Artists, being in good company, in cool locations, and very much looking forward to making it a point to get out more and enjoy what's going on in Wilmington each month for the Art Loop.
Hope to see you next month on the loop and at the re:Fresh after party!

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