November 29, 2011

Delaware Treasury Tuesday

Welcome to our Delaware Etsy Street Team Treasury Tuesday.
Come and take a look at these "Christmas Treasures Found In Delaware"
This treasury collection was created by our team leader Shelby Foxwell
Shelby creates wonderful handmade jewelry and sells through her Etsy shop:
And this collection "For The Coffee and Cream Lover" was created by our Member:
Kathy Lindermer of BayMoonDesign

Here are some items from these two D.E.S.T. members shops:
Candy Shop Bracelet by SunDownBeadDesigns
Sparkler Earrings by SunDownBeadDesigns
Shelby also has a 2nd Etsy Shop where she sells components to those of you looking adorn your next arts and crafts project with high-quality unique additions: SunDownFindings
Shiny Sterling Silver Buttons by SunDownFindings
And from Kathy's Etsy shop:
Red Pearl Necklace by BayMoonDesign
Owl Card and Earrings by BayMoonDesign
Here are the earrings that go with the above card:
Own Earrings that go with the above card by BayMoonDesign
Want to find other items by our Delaware Etsy Team members?
Click here for items with team tag: DelawareTeam
Click here for items with team tag: DETeam

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