April 16, 2013

Spotlight On...Bay Moon Design

Today we are please to feature another talented member's shop, BayMoonDesign, owned by Kathy Lindemer.  Kathy, her husband, and both of their "children" are proud graduates of the University of Delaware.  Her daughter is a Coastal Engineer and her son is in a Ph.D. program for Mechanical Engineering.  After 38 years in a career in education, Kathy finally decided it was time to retire, and take her hobby to the next level.  Kathy makes jewelry and cards, inspired by the water, Earth, and sky.

Yellow earrings
Now that her children have grown and moved out, Kathy, her husband, and their three cats enjoy the life of snowbirds, spending most of their time in lovely, historic Lewes and flying south to Key Largo in the chilly Winters.

Coffee Lover Card

About the materials she likes to use, Kathy had this to say, "I use materials made from fabric like my favorite-denim and silk ribbons. Materials found in nature like seashells and pearls are featured in my designs. I'm GREEN! I rework man made items like blue jeans and buttons into my creations."

Green Flower Necklace with Hints of Peach
She has one Etsy shop, which she opened in 2008, mainly to feed her bead addiction and to justify the need for beads. Later came the card addiction, and it all fits in well with her very fine photography skills. A perfect match. Besides, as Kathy puts it, "You can only wear so much jewelry and send so many cards!" Lately she's been tossing around the idea of putting her cards in a separate shop. (Any thoughts on that? She'd love to hear your opinions.)

Lavender Purple Necklace Crocheted

A question for Kathy:
If you could go back in time to when you first opened your shop and give yourself one bit of advice about being an Etsy seller, what would it be?
My advice is to join an Etsy Team and read their forums. You need to pick up on the advice that is offered there. You pick up tips like you need to have a minimum of 100 items listed before you can even expect to do any business if you sell jewelry. Also, the ability to take good photos of your items in critical. Finding a way to get the correct lighting is key. There is access to that type of information. Learning to create and print shipping labels from Etsy is such a time saver. All of this, plus expose in treasuries is really useful.

Starfish Bracelet
Love this shop and want to see more? You can find Kathy at the Delaware By Hand Members' Day Show on May 25th at Zwaanendael Park, in Lewes.  In November and December, look for her at the DBH Holiday Show at Biggs Museum in Dover, Lewes Yacht Club Christmas Craft Fair, and the Baywood Holiday Craft Fair.  Coming to Rehoboth Beach any time soon? Then you can find Kathy's jewelry at The Fabulous Dress and The Rehoboth Art League and in Newark at Postcards From Delaware in the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza.  (Way to get your work out there, Kathy!)

Online you can find Kathy and/or BayMoonDesign here:


  1. I'm delighted to have gotten to know Kathy and her work through the Delaware Etsy team! I'll keep this post in mind as a reference to check up on when I'm down state this summer.

    Kathy - your work is so beautiful! You can tell you have a passion for what you put your hands on as it is reflected in the quality and design of your work!

    1. Marsha-Thank you for your compliments. We are mutual fans! I love using your lovely ceramics in my work.