April 3, 2013

Spotlight On...Czappit

This week we are featuring another great member's shop from our team, czappit, owned by Jessica Czapp.  If you're a fan of Dr. Seuess's Grinch, you'll definitely want to check out this shop, A.S.A.P.

Baby Grinch Feet

Jessica opened her Etsy shop on Black Friday of 2011 and she hasn't regretted it one bit. In fact, her shop has been doing so well that at times she wasn't sure she could keep up with all the orders coming in.  Who knew her husband wasn't the only huge Grinch fan out there?

Ladies Grinch Hands Fingerless Gloves
Jessica attributes her love of knitting to her grandmother, who taught her to knit.  One day, "while on vacation I stumbled onto a beautiful yarn shop and was exposed to knitted wool, that had been felted,crushing the fibers together making a dense tight fiber. I was fascinated and in love with that technique right away," explained Jessica.

Grinch cuff
Jessica started out with Grinch feet, but now makes fingerless gloves, scarves, spats, collars, and a few other items. She once even had a custom order for Grinch eyebrows!  Her work is all original and she can make items for babies all the way up to men's sizes, no pattern needed here.

CindyLou Who Grinch Purse
So, where can you find Jessica and her Grinchy goodies?

She usually can be found at the Chesterton Tea, but high school graduation takes priority this year (her son's). However, she will be at The 49th Annual National Apple Harvest Festival near Gettysbugh, PA in October and in November, she will be at the Dover OSC Craft Show in Harrington, DE.

If you're interested in finding her Grinchy goodies and you happen to be near Ocean View, DE, stop by her parents' restaurant, the Ocean View Family Restaurant, and make sure you get some good eats while you're there. It's a favorite spot for the locals.

If you want to follow Jessica online, you can find her on facebook (jewelrybyjess) and her blog, (MS. JESS.) and her Etsy shop (czappit).

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