September 26, 2008

About the first meeting

Thanks to the lovely folks who were able to be a part of our first chat meeting! It lasted about an hour and we talked a lot about the steps to growth and having our own show!

The plan that we made is pretty much as follows:

I will soon be posting a downloadable flyer that you can print that will be advertising our team, etsy, and our plans. We are looking to grow and have more people but they have to be on etsy and they have to be in Delaware {or really close}.

We are advertising etsy because we want artists and crafters alike to know about it. It's a great site for not only selling your art, but a place for people like us to gather and support each other.

Also we are looking into local places to rent for our own craft show! If you know of any places, please let us know in the comments!


  1. When you post the flyer, do you think we should break down the distribution areas by zip code or something, just so we don't go out to hang them and keep going to the same places? I know there was several of us from Newark and Wilmington in the chat last night, so I would hate to keep going to different places only to find that someone else has already been there. Just a thought.

  2. The Gibby Center has an membership called Guild by Association. $35.00 yearly and you can participate in shows, set up in their gallery, etc. Very nice place and very welcoming! I am joining in.

    Convo me through etsy or e-mail me at if you want more info.

  3. Antica, I'm into this. It's in middletown? How often do they have shows? :)