September 12, 2008

Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog

Hi team members! Just to introduce myself, I am Samantha Bird, the founder of this street team. I live in northern Delaware.

My shop is
My portfolio/business is at
And my email is,

Please leave a comment with your etsy shop and introduce yourself! Thanks!


  1. Hi - my name is Anne and I live in Wilmington, DE. It's so nice to know there's a blogspot for Delaware! I've been with Etsy for a little over a year. I don't have much in my shop right now but plan on replenishing it. My shop address is:

  2. Hi,
    I'm Rebecca. I live in Hockessin. I've been with Etsy for a little over a year, starting with user Art4You, but moved it to

    I haven't had any activity on this site, but keep trying! I do alot more sales via commission work and art festivals, but I'm starting to slowly get the etsy name out there in hopes it will pick up more buyers.

  3. Hi, I'm Jane and I'm in New Castle. I have and my online retail site is I've been on etsy for over a year.

  4. hi there !

    thanks so far for all the time you put in already !!
    I joined etsy last november and did half of my sales there, half via commission.
    I live in middletown and I am a member of the gibby center, an art school in town.
    once a month we have the "evening of the arts", an inside and outside event with art, music, food ... and people ;)

    my shop is

  5. Hi! My name is Katy and I live in Newark. I only started selling on Etsy a couple months ago, but I'm pretty ambitious and I've been using multiple sites to get my name out there. I've been making jewelry (actually to sell) since March, but for fun LONG before that. The whole reason I started actually selling my jewelry is because Madelyn Company (a jewelry company that makes urn jewelry) starting buying bracelets that I made from one of their urn pendants. Pretty cool stuff - you can see it at It's also on the front page of their new brochure but they haven't updated their website yet ( Anyway, I am very excited to join Etsy Delaware Street Team, and I would love to participate in local events!

    PS. my Etsy shop is