September 17, 2008

Delaware Etsy Street Team Art Show

Hey guys! Samantha here. I've been really wanting to put together/have an art show in the Wilmington area for us Delaware etsy artists. I have a location in mind (The Greenbank Mill) and that's about it. If you're in Wilmington and know of a nice place we could rent out, let me know by commenting, please.

This is what we'll need:

1. To rent a location. This means we will need everyone to pitch in on cost. It is normal to have to rent a booth at an art show, and this is what I mean.

2. Marketing. I will design a flyer that everyone can print out, and invitations that everyone can send out.

3. There will have to be tickets. This will have to be a ticketed event because there is a limited amount of people allowed in a lot of rentable locations due to the fire marshal's standards. The greenbank mill holds like 200 people I believe. Tickets will be extremely cheap, and door prizes will be given.

4. Door prizes will be things that us etsy artists give away, but in a basket together looking nice. So everyone will be expected to give (or make to give) just some small trinkets or gift certificates to their shop, etc. This will help bring the people in, so it's a good investment.

5. I am thinking we could possibly get etsy to sponsor our show and provide stickers and give away things. They do offer this to large group activities that promote their web site. So if we plan on enough of an outcome, we can get their support.

We need artists! I am going to make up an application that you can submit along with your booth/rental fee. Please let your etsy friends know so that we can have a good time together and sell our beautiful crafts :)

PLEASE COMMENT and let me know your thoughts!


  1. My crafts really need a certain audience (moms/kids) We do best at shows like The Flower Market and Arden. Not at art shows or indoor craft shows. We do handpainted shoes and need kids for that one.

    We are toying with the idea of doing just our hair accessories at indoor shows so I'm not ruling it out for the future.

  2. Michelle here. Would love to join!! We do handcrafted vegan soaps and bath items. We have been making soap for over 16 years.

  3. Jane, I understand. All depends on who all is invited :)

  4. Katy here.. I would love to do something like this... I've never done any craft/art shows before..and probably wouldn't be ready to do one for a little while still, but I definitely look forward to doing this in the future!!

  5. I would love to join in. This is a good time to do it too...with the holidays right around the corner.

    Count me in!


  6. I received noticed of a Ladies Night Out event in North's at a church.

    Cash and Carry items. I thought it might be worth exploring.

    When: Friday, October 17, 2008
    Time: 7:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.

    $10/table with a limit of 25 tables.

    Sound interested? I can get the additional information if anyone here is interested.

  7. Hello! I am new to Etsy as well as having my own commercial website for wedding items with some of my own creations. I also stamp cards and almost anything else I can successfully stamp on! I would be very interested in doing something like this. Let me know what I can do. I will be inviting at least one person I know is doing painting on glass, wood, barrels and all kinds of other items. She is very talented and I know would also be very interested.