September 19, 2008

Online Chat Meeting

Our first online chat meeting will be Thursday the 25th at 6pm. Please make note of that, put a post-it on your computer :) We'll be in the etsy chat room that I will make private for us. The password will be deletsy so make sure to add that to your note!

We will talk about local craft shows, our first local meetings, ideas and lots more. Be prepared to tell us any ideas you have!

Hope to see you all there!

Thursday September 25th @ 6pm Click on our chatroom, passworld deletsy

Please comment and let me know you read this and let me know if you'll be there (or what would be a good time for you!)


  1. unfortunately I will not be home from work on Thurs until around 8pm. I'd be happy to throw in my ideas though, after I see what was bought up. I can help out in central and southern DE b/c I live right on the kent/sussex line.

  2. I will definitely attend.


  3. this is sugar kissed designs. i will be there :)