September 26, 2008

Add us to your blog!

Here is a little link to add to your blog/site to advertise us. If you'd like to make more images for us, please do! Email them to samanthamariie @

Here is the code to copy and paste:

P.s. Per request I am posting more info as to how to add this type of thing to your blog.

For blogger (blogspot) you go into your blog's "layout" by clicking on the layout tab when you go to your blog's dashboard {or to post a new blog}. Let the page load fully, and you will then see boxes in the form of a layout for your blog/page. At the top of that page it says "Add and Arrange Page Elements. Click and drag to rearrange page elements on your blog." So, here you can move around the things on your sidebar and even add things under where you write. To add our link to your sidebar (side of your blog) click "Add a gadget" that is on the side. If you'd like to put our link under you blog, click "Add a gadget" that is wide and under the box that says 'Blog Posts'. After you click "ADD A GADGET" You find the one that says "HTML/JavaScript Add
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog." And when that one pops up, put in the HTML coding that you found in the beginning of this post under the image. Then, click SAVE and then click SAVE on that layout page also. From there you could always drag and move things around.

If you're using wordpress or other types of blogs, you will usually find the way to add a widget, or edit your sidebar.php All you need to do is copy and paste that code :)

P.s. Please feel free to post directions in other blog sites. Thanks!

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