September 26, 2008

Flyer.. is that how you spell it? lol!

Hi folks. I have made a flyer for everyone to print out and display. Above is the example! I've made them rippy or not rippy. You know what I mean - at the bottoms. For those you'd be expected to cut along so folks can rip off the web site name and keep for remembering the sites. I also made them color and not color.

Click the link to download the PDF. (If you need a different type of file, let me know)

Rip-able flyer with no color

Rip-able flyer with orange color

No cut/ripping flyer with no color

No cut/ripping flyer with orange color

Places to put a flyer:

Grocery Stores
Art shops/galleries with boards
University of Delaware boards
Around local art schools
Artists are everywhere, so anywhere legal will do!

Also, online. If you'd like to help by posting to places online like craigslist, u of d classifieds.. you can take this .jpg image: 800 x 640 jpg. image flyer

It would be GREAT if you'd comment and let us know where you posted your flyers in this particular post's comments so we all don't waste time going to go post these and find they are already posted! So just keep us updated :) THANKS!

P.s. This is fun.


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  2. I will distribute the flyers at the Lewes Craft Fair. I will be there this Saturday, December 6, 2008. Please stop by if you are in the area and say hi!